Mehsus !!!

Kya kasoor tha mera jo maine yeh saza paayi..

Apni bholi aur masoom si zindagi ko na jaane kaha chhod aayi…

Wo toh aake meri zindagi me aisa dard chhod gaya..

Ki khuda bhe na chahta tha ki mai wo dard jhael paau..

Kab tak aisa karte rahoge masoomo ke sath..

Kab tak apne zarurat ko kisi aur ki maut ka karan banaoge..

Koi rokta toh nai hai in logo ko.. magar.. inke sath me kab tak paap ko sambhaloge…

Kudha tu hai yeh sabko yakeen hai..

Par tere kareeb hone ka kisi ko bharosa nahi…

Mai bhi samajhti hu.. kis kis ki pukaar ko tu apna dhyaan dega..

Yaha toh har ek pal koi loot leta hai kisi ki izzat ..

Tu bhi kitno ko bayaan dega..

Iss dard ka koi thikana nahi..

Iss dard ka koi fasana nahi..

Jo iss dard se guzra hai..

Uske alawa kisko na ilm hai na shikayat..

Ab mai chali.. ya khuda.. ab tu hi mera khayal rakh..

Kyuki.. iss duniya me mera ab koi thikana nahi.



Work-life Balance or Workaholic


Well.. the title itself express the feelings which I wanted to pen down today.. Today every other family in India has one or the other family member who works as an IT professional.. Some are Managers, some are Developers, some work for support services or some work as admins and infrastructure, Finance and HR, but each profile has different nature of work and work pressure. Today talent development/ HR focus on most of the health management programs and flexible working hours. They are doing their best to give the employees the best environment to work. Sometimes there are situations, which makes an individual think, whether to choose work-life balance or whether to grab the higher career opportunities at workplace. Being Workaholic is good to some extent, and it has both positive and negative effects on expectations at workplace and health issues.

I work for an IT company and for me I have to travel 85 kms every day to and fro. I joined this organization to learn and to gain experience which is the next big thing in the market, but sometimes I think, and ask myself  “Why are you doing this?”,  There are so many phases in one’s life and everyone has to go through these experiences, and fight back with Positive results. There are some situations as well where you have to decide, and that decision could be very impacting, in terms of your lifestyle, but choosing the right opportunity is the key thing, where we struggle and then ask and analyze the benefits of different options. As per my personal experience, I always use Excel sheet to jolt down different options and documenting the pro and cons for each of the options and then deciding based on the analysis (The BA in me will always be there to help me ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but sometimes thinking toooo much about these opportunities also causes a lot of depression and disappointment, when they don’t actually come the way you thought it would, and then again the Excel sheet is updated.

In this situation I think, what is important Work-Life Balance or Working hard to prove yourself in this competitive market of IT industries. When I looked at the details about the way the HR make their decisions towards hiring/maintaining/retaining their employees/associates, I learnt the following:

  • 60% of companies will add the head counts to their business
  • 45% of new headcount will be middle management
  • 80% of employers say hiring activity will range from steady to strong
  • 88% of employers are offering between 6-15% pay increments
  • 44% of staff leave due to limited progression
  • Top 3 factors in talent retention
    • Career progression
    • Salary increases
    • Learning and development
  • Work-life balance strategies include:
    • 55% flexible working hours
    • 47% work from home and remote access
    • 42% wellness programs
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    • 83% of employers say diversity is a priority and have active programs in place.

Looking at all these metrics, I think, how one should decide in terms of selecting the way they want to manage their life, because all HR personnel have some or the other way to manage the situations. Who struggles in these situations are employees. For me, Family comes first and I am fortunate, that so far in my 12 years career, I had never been in this situation where my supervisors have not supported me to manage my family and unwanted situations which came in my life. When I look back 12 years and analyze all the experiences which I had in my entire career, I feel that, to me, Work-Life Balance is important, no matter what opportunity (may be Onsite) you have in your hand which might give you good salary, but if you don’t have time to spend that salary which you are getting with your family, itโ€™s of no use to earn so much and struggle with family life.. I will always choose family and work-life balance over being Workaholic…

What would you do????